Anita’s Reef

Anita’s Reef is a very good reef dive where you will find impressive coral formations in the sand.  There is a rock at 22 meters depth reaching up to about 12 meters which is completely covered in different colourful soft corals and sea fans with a weath of marine life, check out for some beautiful nudibranches.

Colourful Nudibranches

Check out the rock at Anita's Reef for beautiful Nudibranches

In the sandy areas you will find hundreds of Garden Eels sticking out of their holes, waiting for food to pass by. When you get too close they sink back inside their holes.

The reef is protected by two islands, therfore we seldom have any strong currents here. The reef starts at 5 meters and slopes down to about 30 meters.

This dive site is known under a few different names, Baracuda Point, Eel Garden, Hideaway and Anitas Reef. Hideaway, though, is rather the western side of island #5, while the main part of the dive site is situated on the eastern side of Island #6 and #5, stretching to the southern side of island #5.