Beacon Reef (Closed)

On the eastern side of Island Number 8, the coral reef starts right off the beach and continues down to about 30 meters.

Beacon Reef is one of the easiest dives at the Similans, and the dive site is often used for check dives by liveaboards.

Among the hard corals we often see Octopus, Fire Gobies and hunting Trevallies. On the sandy bottom there are different kinds of Rays. In the shallows we quite often see a turtle or two. At Beacon Reef there is also a wreck. A liveaboard sunk here some yeas ago, and here we have a chance to see a big school of Batfish.

Unfortunately, this dive site was hit quite hard by coral bleeching in 2010 and is closed for diving until further notice.  We will keep you posted when we are able to return.