Bonsung Wreck

This dive site is amazing. There is not very much of a wreck, but the sheer volume of marine life is unbelievable. There are schools and schools of fish.

The wreck is situated at about 20 meters of water laying on a sandy bottom, about half an hour boat ride from the mainland.  It is one of those dive sites where anything is possible. There are lots of Lionfish and Scorpion fish, as well as Nudibranches, Flounders, Ghost pipefish and Moray Eels including the beautiful Honeycombe Moray.  On the sand check out the Spearing Mantis Shrimps hiding in their holes plus Sting Ray eyes looking up at you.

Honeycombe Moray at the Boonsung Wreck, Thailand

Honeycombe Moray at the Boonsung Wreck Dive

Visibility is never very good at Bonsung Wreck as its closer to land, so not the crystal clear waters as at the Similan Islands, but it does not detract from being a great dive site with lots to see from rare critters, to huge shoals of Snapper and Barracuda.

The Bonsung Wreck is a dive site that is on every experienced divemasters list of top three dive sites in the area.

Video by Michael Junkers, a diver that’s been coming back year after year and done some fantastic wreck dives with us!

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