Christmas Point

Christmas Point is a dive site situated on the west side of Similan Island #9. This is a site of mainly huge granite boulders.  The boulder landscape alone makes this a site well worth to dive with swim throughs, canyons and arches.  With sea fans of many colours, it is a great place for photogaphers.

This is one of the dive sites where you might see anything.  Along with some pretty nudibranches and other coral fish look out into the blue for the occasional shark are quite common, and sometimes we encounter turtles.

Turtles seen at Similan Islands when scuba diving

Green Turtle at Similan Islands

The dive starts at 5 meters and reaches beyond 40 meters out into the blue, but normally we spend most of the time close to the boulders. The most beautiful part of the dive is between 20 and 35 meters, with lots of soft corals between the rocks.  There can sometimes be a strong current here, but there are plenty of boulders to give you shelter.