Honeymoon Bay

Honeymoon Bay is a protected bay found on the east side of Similan island #4.

This is a very relaxed, easy dive with lots of small critters such as shrimps and crabs for our macro photograpers to find.   This being a shallow dive, means that your photos should turn out well due to the ambient lighting.

Check under rocks for shrimps

Lots of opportunties for underwater photography

Don’t forget to keep an eye out ino the blue, we very often see large fish pass through in the deeper water.  On several occasions we have seen rays, Napoleonfish and sometimes a shark or two.

At Honeymoon Bay there are a few different kinds of moray eels and also there is the possiblity of finding a Robust Ghost Pipefish.

There is rarely any current at Honeymoon bay. We normally don’t dive deeper than 20 meters here.