Khao Lak bungalows

There are many different quality and different priced bungalow resorts and hotels in Khao Lak. The hotels utilised by charter operators are normally much more expensive than other accommodation. It is possible to find low priced, good quality hotels as long as you don’t book through a charter operator.

There are a few hotels and resorts that don’t pay any commission to booking agents, and therefore can be up to 30% cheaper than other hotels. There can be a problem communicating with some of these hotels and some of them do not have an emailaddress or  a webpage.

There is also proper budget accommodation in Khao Lak. These resorts usually don’t have any booking system, they work on a ‘first come, first serve’-basis, and they usually don’t know until the same day whether they will have any rooms available. Budget accommodation starts at 400 Baht for a room with double- or twin beds and a fan.

To be able to help you book rooms in cheaper resort, we will always need to ask you for a deposit, sometimes payment in full, when booking. The resaon is that the resort is going to ask us for full payment in case a guest doesn’t show up or doesn’t arrive on the right date. A part from that we will need to ask for a booking fee of 250 Baht per booking in order to cover our own costs.

We work with a number of hotels and resorts in Khao Lak, but due to lack of time we have choosen to only present four of these resorts on our webpage. All four resorts are situated in Nang Tong, at walking distance from our shop. They are cheaper than other resorts of equal standard, they are reliable in regards to bookings and they are the four resorts that got the best reviews from our guests last season. We will continue to add more resorts to our webpage, so add us to your favourites if you haven’t decided where to stay yet.

Khao Lak gets fully booked for the Christmas & New Year period during August-September. Therefore it might be a good idea not to wait until last minute with your booking.

We are still working on updates to some of the resort pages. Please check back if the resort page you are looking for isn’t available at this point.