Khao Lak in a Nutshell

Khao Lak consists of several small villages, on the west coast of Thailand, 60 kms north of Phuket airport. Here you will find one of Thailand’s longest beaches.

Nang Tong

In Nang Tong, the largest village in Khao Lak, there are a lot of different hotels och resorts. Very often you can find accommodation without a reservation, but then again, some resorts are fully booked a year ahead. It is in Nang Tong that you will find most restaurants and shopping.

Bang Niang

In Bang Niang, the next village to the north of Nang Tong, there is plenty of building going on. Most of it will be ready for this high season. In Bang Niang you will find some restaurants and pubs, and it is here you will find the local market on Mondays, Wednedays and Saturdays.


The Pakarang peninsula, the next village heading north is also being re-built. Closest to the beach there are several expensive resorts being built, but behind the beach there are nice bungalows at low cost. Pakarang is the most quiet part of Khao Lak, and this is also where you will find the nicest beach. If you are interested in buying a house or land in Khao Lak, Pakarang looks like the place to be for the future.

What to see

When in Khao Lak, there are two things everyone should see, one trip to the Similan Islands National Park and one trip to Khao Sok National Park. If you are interested in golf there are two golf courses nearby, well worth a visit.

Khao Lak is not a full-on party destination, yet, but there are a few good pubs and plenty of good restaurants. Our regular hang-out is the Happy Snapper.

When to go to Khao Lak

It is warm in Khao Lak year around. The best time to come here is from November to May, which is the time when it isn’t supposed to be raining. The temperature stays between 30-35 degrees celsius, all year around.