Koh Bon Ridge

Koh Bon Ridge is a great dive site.  Apart from us often seeing Manta Ray, here there are lots of other things to look out for.  This is also the only dive site in the area that offers a wall.   Growing on the wall is a range of colourful soft corals, check out the cracks for Hinge Beak and  Banded Boxer Shrimps.  Quite often is it possible to wait at the ridge looking out into the blue for the big stuff.

Koh Bon Shrimp

Colourful shrimp found at Koh Bon

The dive starts directly at the shoreline and stretches down to well over 40 meters.  At the deeper end we often see reefsharks.

Sometimes when it is the season for Manta Rays, the dive site can get crowded, but there are different ways to make this site to avoid other groups.  This dive site can sometimes have current and surge.

Video from a lucky day in the beginning of December 2010 made by one of our guests on the liveaboard, Pete Frayne.