Liveaboard Back from Similan Islands

Fantastic Diving And Another Surprise Visitor

We just had 3 fantastic diving days onboard our liveaboard the M.V Vilai Samut. We started the trip once again with West of Eden due to a supply drop to the national park, and the conditions  and sightings were great ! We now have 3 confirmed ribbon eels on this site and a frog fish which is like christmas for any diver looking for some special marine life.

After a great dive at Koh Bon with octopuses, moray eels, funky nudibranchs ( flabellinas ) and a napoleon wrasee we headed for Koh Tachai. On our way to the island, pretty much in the same location and time where we had the whale visiting us on the last trip, a medium sized pod of dolphins appeared and jumped around the boat to everyones great pleasure ! So far the ocean seems richer than the last couple of seasons and dolphins are always a welcome bonus to any journey !

Amazing Richelieu Rock x 3 !

On the 2nd day we headed up for a couple of dives at Richelieu Rock. On the first day we had quite strong winds and choppy seas so Richelieu looked like it was going to be a little bit rough since the dive site is completely unsheltered from the elements. Our tourleader Linus woke up early to catch the sunrise and to check with the boat crew that all was ok for our upcoming dives. Sipping a much needed cup of coffee at 6 am we were pleasantly surprised to see the wind had dropped and the ocean had calmed down during the night.

After the first dive the boat was filled with positive energy and everyone chatting about what they’ve seen during the dive. With close to 30m visibility and little to no current we ended up doing 3 dives total at amazing Richelieu Rock, every dive with different sightings and finds among the coral and crevices.

Sunset Cruise To Surin Islands And More Pelagic Action

After Richelieu the Captain advised us to head to the Surin Islands rather than Koh Bon for our night dive due to an oncoming storm forming south from our location. A couple of hundred meters from the dive site we saw hundreds of birds diving into the water attacking a large bait ball.

Bait balls are formed when  predatory fish manage to squeeze a large school of bait fish together near the surface and the bait fish form a ball to protect themselves against the constant attacks. The sea birds spot this from the air and join in the hunt. After watching the action from the boat we wanted to get in the water to see the action while snorkeling. We did a couple of attempts and jumped off the boat as close as we could get but the bait fish got spooked and moved rapidly away from us.

It was definitely worth a try as seeing this is as it’s an once in a lifetime experience to watch it underwater and we will try again, next time with fine tuned technique to get closer to the action.

We arrived at Surin Island just in time for a stunning sunset followed by a night dive with barracuda sightings and loads of little critters to be found amongst the coral.

Last Day, Wreck Mania

The last day of diving we headed for our local wrecks again as this was much appreciated on our last voyage. The Bonsung Wreck was again the more popular of the wrecks, with a bit better visibility than the Prem Chai Wreck but both wrecks are always worth a visit !

We do have half day trips to both these sites and it’s a perfect dive day if you’ve already seen the Similans or are more interested in the smaller stuff in the ocean!

We would also like to congratulate Mattias upon finishing his PADI Rescue Course during the trip, well done mate and we look forward to starting your DiveMaster course with us in the upcoming weeks !

Thanks to all our guests on the  trip, it was a true pleasure to have you onboard and hope to see you again in the future for more great diving !

Kind Regards,

Linus and the Liquid Team