Liveaboard Safari Returns From the Similans and Koh Bon

Rock n’ Roll Trip

After an unusually calm start of the season at the Similan Islands we experienced our first trip with more “off-season” weather. We spent the first day around the Similan Islands, diving West Of Eden, Christmas Point, Breakfast Bend and Snapper Alley with the sea limiting our travel possibilities.

The sea was rough with strong winds from the north-east and big swell coming from the north-west making it very hard to find sheltered dive sites but we managed to get in some really good diving. First dive was our Similan favourite West Of Eden, although the dive we did was on a rare day when the current runs north to south, so we used the big boulders as shelter and wasn’t able to reach some of the deeper parts. The current brought a lot of activity and we spotted hunting trevallies, mackerel and some really big dogtooth tuna in the shallows amongst the rocks.

Christmas Point offered us the strongest currents so far this season, and we had to do a well controlled descent to find shelter behind the massive boulders. Once on the sheltered side of the site we had a really nice dive although the dive was cut short by the challenging conditions.

Since the currents was running wild that day we decided to do a drift dive for our 3rd dive of the day at Breakfast Bend. We jumped in at the north side of the reef and travelled pretty much the whole side of the island during an extremely pleasant drift dive that fitted all experience levels. A much better choice to enjoy the current rather than fighting it.

2nd Day, Full Day at Koh Bon

In the early morning hours on the 2nd day we headed up to Koh Bon to start our diving there. After a stunning first dive, with almost no current due to slack tide and lots of fish activity we decided to do a full day at Koh Bon. Especially since the bay offered us perfect shelter and we could enjoy snorkelling between the dives rather than rolling around in the rough sea.

We dove the Ridge twice and on the 3rd dive we headed a bit further north and dived the reef. Malin, one of our instructors, had a Liquid sighting record with no less than 7 octopus at the reef ! We’re lucky that we have plenty of day octopi here and we can watch them as they change colour and texture even in the day time.

We did the night dive in the bay and saw some romance between yet another pair of octopi.

Congratulations to Sam & Andy for finishing their PADI Advanced Open Water Course with instructor Malin with this dive !

Last Day At The Wonderful Wreck

After a nice evening of the whole boat sitting in front of the boat and playing mysterious dice games from Peru ( Perudo, ask Justin Harris for the rules ) we headed to the Bonsung Wreck for our last two dives. Once again the visibility was above the norm and the wreck was just teaming with life. Except for tons of schools, honeycomb morays and nudibranchs we spotted 4 cuttlefish mating outside the wreck on the sandy bottom.

Yet another perfect finish to a liveaboard trip that was absolutely wonderful, thanks to everyone that joined us you were truly an entertaining mix of people !

Best Regards,

Linus and the Liquid Team