Scuba tune up with PADI

If you haven’t been diving for a while, it might be a good idea to refresh your skills and knowledge about diving.

This is first of all for your own safety, but also for consideration of the other divers in your group who you will be diving with together.  They don’t expect to loose valuable dive time just because someone in their group has forgotten know how to use their equipment or can’t remember how to dive.

Refresh your skills to get the most from your diving experiences.

Refresh your Diving Skills.

When we conduct a refresher dive, we assign an instructor to you especially for that purpose. We recommend making the lesson in a swimming pool in Khao Lak to get the most from your lesson as to not waste valuable holiday diving time sitting in the sand when you could be diving.  You can also make the theory section beforehand with PADI e-Learning, just click on the picture below to get to the link.

Theory with PADI on-line for Scuba Tune-up.

Refresh your skills and knowledge.