Similan Liveaboard Maiden Voyage Is Back!

3 Days and 3 Nights in the Similan Islands

Our maiden voyage just got back from the Similan Islands and we had a proper adventure !

We started the journey with a dive on West of Eden and we were happy to find the dive site has flourished during the low-season. The sea temperature has been low for the monsoon period and the corals and sea fans look absolutely stunning ! There where lots of trevallies, mackerel and tuna hunting bait fish among the boulders and we also found a ribbon eel hiding amongst the whip coral.

Second dive was at North Point but most of our divers didn’t see much of the site due to a strong current that took us some 500 meters across the nearby reef. So our boulder dive turned into a comfortable drift dive where the highlights was a school of chevron barracuda, turtles and a napoleon wrasse !

Our night dive was conducted at the south end of island #9, with little critters such as the blue dragon (flabellina nudibranch) and a bunch of crustaceans. Linus, our tourleader, was very happy to find healthy looking coral bummies in very shallow water, where last season there was none.

Whale Snorkelling at Koh Tachai !

The 2nd day we dove Koh Bon twice during the day and it was pretty much as good as it gets, except for no manta sightings. First dive we jumped in north-west of the ridge and with a down swell from the tidal change and currents going here and there most of our divers drifted north, half way along the island! A couple of groups fought the current to go the west ridge and it was definitely worth it ! 30m visibility and loads of mid-water activity meant that we gladly dived the ridge again so the whole boat could enjoy the beauty of the west ridge for our 2nd dive.

On our way to Koh Tachai later that evening we spotted a whale from the surface. With a lot of instructors on board, they’re used to taking their own initiative and two of them jumped of the boat as soon as we were close to the whale ! Within seconds the whale breached next to them and they where able to watch it and film it ! Congratulations Noorni and Jacki, hopefully we get more opportunities during the season.

On the last day we dove the Bonsung Wreck in a proper fish soup with really good visibility, around 15m and later that day the Prem Chai wreck which also had plenty of fish but a little less “viz”.

We really enjoyed the trip, we’re so happy to be out on our liveaboard the M.V Vilai Samut again, and thanks to all our guests that joined us during the trip, it was a true pleasure to have you onboard and hope to see you again out at the Similans !