Snorkeling from Khao Lak

Snorkeling at the Similan Islands

Crystal clear water together with an enormous diversity of marine life is the reason why the Similan Islands are considered to be one of the best snorkeling destinations in the world. Most times our snorkelers gets to see as many interesting animals as our divers. At the end of a day at the Similan Islands most people have discovered an exciting new world.

If you come with us to the Similan Islands you will get maximal time to snorkel or just relax on a truly white tropical beach. Our trip will take you to one of the islands, where the morning snorkeling will take place. In the afternoon you can continue snorkeling off the same beach or you can come out with the diveboat to another island.

A relaxed day with more quality time

Many of the snorkeling operators and other dive centers will take you to three or four different islands. This is nice, but there will not be time to relax since it takes time to get in and out of the water each time. Also, no other dive operators will let you spend time on- and explore the islands.

Schedule and itinerary

We pick-up our guests at their hotel in the morning, depending on where you stay the pickup time is between seven and seven thirty.

We depart from our pier at about eight, and between nine thirty and ten we arrive at the Similan Islands. First we head to one of the beaches of island #4 or island #8 to let snorkelers and some divers off.

A snorkeling guide will help you with equipments and teach those who have never snorkeled before. The coral reef starts just off the beach, in shallow water, and even if you don’t like deeper water you will see colourful fish.

At lunch everyone, snorkelers and divers, will be at the beach to eat. We have a long lunchbreak for you to be able to relax, spend time with your friends and better your sun tan. After all, you are here on vacation.

At about one thirty the diveboat takes off for the afternoon dive. Then, also inexperienced snorkelers can join.

At about three the boat will be back at the beach to pickup anyone still on the island, then we start heading back to the mainland. We are usually back in Khao Lak at about four-five in the afternoon.