The high season has started!

The Similan National Park has officially opened !

On the 1st of November the Similan National Park opened officially for tourism.

We’ve chartered our Speedboat to a neighbouring company and we’ve had great reports from the diving and snorkelling at the Similan Islands. Corals have started to grow back after the bleaching they had during low-season 2010. We’re very happy to here this since the coral reef is essential to keep the amazing diversity of marine life we have at the Similan Islands.

The first Manta Ray of the season has been spotted at Koh Bon, different species of sharks have been spotted on most dive sites, even a Whale Shark have been sighted at Koh Tachai Pinnacle !

Whale Shark sightings are extremely rare in our waters and we’re super happy to hear that at least one has been spotted already. It is the “krill season ” right now so hopefully a couple more make their impressive appearance known on more dive sites.

Liquid dives the Bonsung Wreck

A couple of days ago Liquid Adventure went out to our local wreck site, the Bonsung Wreck and we had some great diving. 15 m+ visibility, the ocean like a lake and proper fish soup at the dive site ment very happy customers and dive masters :) We’ve spotted huge schools of juvenile barracudas, cuttlefish, octopus, stone fish and some really funky nudis. We’re waiting on O-rings at the moment for our camera housing so unfortunately we can’t treat you to pictures of our dives.

New Special Promotion and Live aboard departure

We have a new special promotion lasting until the 1st of December were we offer 5% discount on any bookings via our website, and a 10% discount for bookings of 3 guests or more.

We have a full chartered liveaboard trip going out the 8th of November together with Dive Asia Now and we can’t wait to go out on a dive safari exploring the highlights of the Andaman Sea together with fellow instructors !

Happy Diving to you all and remember , just keep swimming.. just keep swimming

Best Wishes the Liquid Team