Try diving (Discover Scuba Diving) Khao Lak

This is for all of you who have been thinking about whether scuba diving really is for you.  Its a full day diving at one of the best places for diving, in the whole world.

Curious to what it is like underwater, why not try scuba diving?

Try Discover Scuba Diving today!

You will come out with us on our day trip boat to the Similan Islands. Once there one of our instructors will take you out to do two dives. The first dive will start from one of our very beautiful beaches, to be as smooth as possible. For the second dive, once you have gained a little experience, it may possible to dive from our dive boat.

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Discover Scuba Diving with Liquid Liveaboards

In the afternoon, the day before we take you to the Similans, you will learn the very basics about diving. This is because we want you to get as much as possible out of your day at the Similans, we will show you a video and talk through the theory of diving.

To be able to dive you will have to be at good health. If you have any problems with your heart or lungs, if you have asthma, epillepsy, diabetes, normally you can’t dive. If you have any of the above mentioned problems, we will require you to get a written medical statement from a diving physician, saying you are able to dive.vThere is no diving physician in Khao Lak, therefore, in case you need a clearence, we recommend for you to see a diving physician before travelling to Thailand.

Try Scuba Diving today!

Learn how to breathe underwater with Discover Scuba Diving.

If you are joining our Liveaboard boat as a snorkelor, and would like the opportunity to make a Discover Scuba Dive, please let us know before your arrival so we can arrange this for you.