West of Eden

West of Eden is situated on the west side of  Similan Island number 7 and we normally make this as the first dive of our Liveaboard trips as it is a great dive for all levels.  The dive begins at 5 meters over a coral garden, as you continue you reach a range of huge boulders and canyons where it is possible to find a large variety of fish from Clown Triggerfish, Trevally, Barracudas plus the pretty coral fishes.

Scuba Diving at West of Eden

Gearing Up

Check out the bottom of the canyon for a Spearing Mantis shrimp, also look up to see some huge Sea Fans, great for photographers.  In recesses under the rocks you might find pipefish, also look out for ribbon eels and the rare Seamoth.

At the end of the dive are some impressive boulders reaching above the water where you can see Giant Trevally hunting out in the blue, check out the hard corals for octupus and hunting Sea Snakes.  A great dive with lots to look for..