Calm Seas Around Similan Islands

Fantastic Conditions And Visits From The Big Guys!

The month of January was fantastic for diving and snorkelling throughout the area, with really calm seas and lots of plankton and nutrients in the water to attract some large marine life to our dive sites around the Similan Islands. Koh Bon has been popular lately with regular visits from the majestic Manta Rays, showing up on several of our liveaboard trips and the locally rare Whale Shark has been sighted several times in the area, especially around Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock.

Many have asked how much the visibility is affected by this and yes some dive sites will have reduced visibility due to the large particles in the water. Reduced visibility on the outer islands ,Similans, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, very rarely go under 15-20 meters since this is what we refer to as reduced viz around here. On our clear days the visibility can be stunning, 30-40 meters but if you want to encounter our larger visitors you have a much higher chance on our plankton rich days since this is what the big guys eat.

Close to land on our local wrecks the viz has been great ! Some days we’ve been able to see the whole of Bonsung Wreck from the surface ! It lays on the bottom at 19 meters, and viz around 10 meters is normal here. The super clear days at the wreck is a dive above most in the area with enormous amounts of schooling barracudas and snappers. Even in bad viz you can find so much stuff here it’s always worth a visit!

Liveaboard Exploring Surin Islands

Our trip schedule is always preliminary and due to weather conditions, customer needs and crowds we’re able to alter it to make the diving as safe and as enjoyable as possible. Some of the last liveaboards we’ve been exploring the Surin Islands mostly due to crowds at the more known dive sites.

This has led us to some fantastic dives and exploratory experiences where we’ve encountered different species of coral, fish and some rare finds that we normally don’t see on our ordinary schedule. Monster sized Spiny Lobsters has been frequent on every there so far. These dives have been highly appreciated among both our guest and staff to be able to jump in the water with no other divers there and also with the feeling that you don’t know really what to expect.

We always strive to make the most out of your diving and snorkelling experience with us, being flexible during our trips gives us and you the opportunity to encounter our marine world in the best possible way .

Thank you all for that joined us in January hope to see you on board again ! For you guys thats looking into if its worth heading over here for a Liquid Adventure, enjoy these pictures while you decide.