It Just Got Better !

It’s Getting Really Good In The Similan Islands !

We’re still digesting all the amazing marine encounters we had on our last liveaboard trip. Every day brought something new and exciting during our 3 day / 3 night liveaboard trip, covering the Similans, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock.

First day we started off with a check up dive at West Of Eden, the dive was good with a lot of activity and we saw that the water had that good-green colour meaning that there is lots to eat for the fishies.

The current was running a bit funny and with a bit of power so instead of doing another boulder dive site for our 2nd dive, we chose to do an easy drift dive to make the dive more easy and comfortable for everyone. Breakfast Bend is a long reef that runs along the east coast of Similan Island #9 which holds all the reef species which is common in the area. This dive we saw all that and then some, turtles , banded sea snakes, a big school of BIG Barracudas and one of our dive groups had a black and white tip reef shark swimming around them at the end of the dive !

Hallelujah Rays At Koh Tachai

We did our sunset/night dive at Koh Tachai, and the dive itself was an ok one with lion fishes, crustaceans and the odd giant moray eel around. After 38 minutes down there we were ready to ascend to the boat when 2 Spotted Eagle Rays swam past one of our dive groups ! For the dive guide Linus it was a true hallelujah moment since the Eagle Rays has been extremely elusive for him during his 4 seasons diving in the Similan Islands. This was the first proper sighting for him so a big congratulations and a well deserved Finally !

Richelieu Rock And A Grande Finale

We started our 2nd day at Koh Tachai Pinnacle, and what looked like easy conditions quickly became a challenging dive as the current picked up during our descent. For most people the dive was cut short due to fighting the current to much, but 2 beautiful dives at Richelieu Rock after made more than up for it.

Visibility was clear on the inside of the pinnacle while the outside wall had thermoclines and a lot of plankton in the water. Really impressive sighting to see large Yellow Tail Barracudas and Massive Spanish Mackerel hunting amont the schools of fish that were feeding there.

During the first 2 days we had some amazing dives with a lot of cool sightings and pressure was on Koh Bon to provide that little bit extra for our last day of diving.

We did the morning dive around Koh Bon Ridge as the conditions didn’t suite the Pinnacle, and it was lucky we did. In total we saw 3 different species of sharks and lots of activity on the “corner”. We didn’t see any Manta Rays but conditions were looking ideal, so instead of heading into main land to do our fantastic wreck Bonsung, we decided to do one more dive at Koh Bon and hope for the big guys to show up.

And show up they did ! 10 minutes into the dive, first one, then two Manta Rays was cruising and hovering around our dive groups ! They spent 30 minutes with us and on the journey back the whole boat was smiling from some truly amazing 3 days on board our liveaboard the M.V Vilai Samut !

Congratulations to Magnus and Emilia for finishing your Advanced course ! Good thing you made quick work of your Navigation Dive so you got to see the Manta Rays as well !

Thanks to all our guests that joined us and a big thumbs up for choosing such an incredible trip !

Upcoming Liveaboard Trips!

Our next liveaboard departure is the evening of 29th of February, returning on the 3 march and we still have spaces AVAILABLE ! Hurry up now to get a cabin and go out diving with us and the stunning marine life we have in the Andaman Sea. Click HERE for our full schedule.

/ The Liquid Team