Smooth Sailing In The Similan Islands!

Can It Get Any Better ?

We return once again from another spectacular liveaboard trip around the Similan Islands, diving & snorkelling in some amazing conditions.

First day started off great with a zero current dive at West Of Eden, allowing us to play around as we wished among the boulders. Despite the early morning there was already loads of activity with blue fin – and giant trevally hunting all over the dive site. Towards the end of the dive our group staying a bit shallower got lucky and managed to see a massive great barracuda, a hawksbill turtle and a black tip reef shark all within the last 10 minutes of the dive.

Our snorkeller got lucky as well and bumped in to 2 turtles among the large rock formations.

With a start like that spirits were high, and with a sea that just got flatter and flatter by the hour we had a blast for the rest of the journey.

Pelagic Magic And A Lesson Learned

The 2nd day we dove Richelieu Rock for a couple of dives and it really put on a show ! A lot of the dives here we focus on the small stuff as this dive site is home to many special little critters.

But this day the small guys were in the shadow by 35 m visibility and huge schools of silver fish going crazy, trevallies, barracudas, mackerel and even large Wahoos hunting on the east side of the pinnacle. It’s not often we get that perfect combination that the current is enough to get the fishes active but light enough to make the dive easy so we can enjoy the show without blowing through our air supply.

During our ascent one of our dive guides learnt why it’s a bad idea to dive with a cold as he suffered a reverse block in his sinuses. Our guide ranks the dive as one of the absolute top ones at Richelieu Rock but the sinus problem as one of the worst experiences under water in his career.

It’s easy to get over confident as an experienced diver and continue to dive with slight discomfort while you have a cold, with the help of antihistamines and decongestants. However this is not a recommended practise over a longer period of time, and by doing so in this case it led to a very painful experience.

If you have a runny nose, make sure you can equalize with ease before diving, and if you experience discomfort during ascent or descent, it would be wise to rest from diving until your condition improves. Easiest way to avoid a problem like this is to stay dry between the dives and take it easy with the air condition at night and of course have adequate thermal protection during your dives !

Flat As A Pancake And New Advanced Divers!

Since Richelieu Rock is in the middle of the ocean with we’re always under the mercy of the weather if we can go there or not. On this day it looked like there been an oil spill as the wind completely died down and left the sea totally flat. If a fish farted 500 meters from the boat we saw the bubbles brake the surface. It stayed like that at the rest of the trip and heading back to main land we thought back on some of the trips earlier in the season with stormy seas and it’s amazing how much it can change over such a short period of time.

Congratulations to our 4 new Advanced Divers that did their course on board, Joe, Nicole, Max and Romina , well done and welcome to the 30m club !

We saw some familiar faces this trip as Ola and Mattias from last season joined us again. Last season they had one of the best dives on record at Koh Bon with 4 Manta Rays cruising around us for an hour, the Manta’s failed to show up this trip unfortunately but the diving held top class throughout the trip and with 3 different species of shark sightings, 30 m+ viz and very little current one can’t complain.

Thank you all that joined the trip, hope you enjoyed your stay on board and hope to see you again !


The Liquid Team