The Holiday Hurricane Has Come to Khao Lak

Christmas and New Year

The hurricane we’re talking about is the sudden influx of people visiting Khao Lak during the holidays Christmas and New Year. Everyone has been working like crazy the last couple of weeks to make sure all our guests can do diving and snorkelling in the Similan Islands.

Our liveaboard has been running back to back trips, speedboat going out full pretty much everyday and longtail trips been run several times per week to our local wreck, Bonsung. We’d like thank all our staff for putting their heads down and worked through all the craziness and a big thank you to all of you that went out on the boats with us during the holidays ! Hope you had a great time during your stay here and that the new year’s been brilliant so far.

We’d like to welcome the master of disaster, our company director/owner Joakim back from the land of sand. His arrival was the starting point of boats going full every day so he got thrown right into the middle of the circus.

He’s been out on a couple of well deserved trips on the liveaboard recently and of course have already scored a couple of amazing dives. Top one so far is a night dive at West of Eden at Similan Island #7, with a massive Marbled Stingray feeding amongst the sand and tubble. Our main tourleader Linus had a trip off and once again missed the ray that’s still on his “hoping to see one day” -list, that’ll teach him to take trips off !

“Lake” Andaman Sea Season

Now we’re looking forward to diving in January and February which usually has the absolute best conditions for diving with the Andaman Sea laying as still as a fresh water lake, even 60 km out at sea !

Around these months are also one of the best times to witness our majestic Manta Rays that visits Koh Bon Island.

Every season is different in when and how long the rays makes and appearance, so far they’ve been spotted on most dive sites, but we’ve been unfortunate and been at the wrong place every time they’ve been flying by. We’re still waiting for one of those unreal dives when they hang around us for the whole dive and putting on their spectacular underwater acrobatics show, we have our hopes up for the next couple of trips !

The full moon has just passed which means the water is teaming with nutrients, hopefully attracting these pelagic giants closer to the islands where we dive.

Upcoming Trips

There is still available spaces on our trips in the middle of January, the next one going out the 14th of January.

We wish you all the best for the new year and a big thanks to everyone that has been working and diving / snorkelling with us !


the Liquid Team