Lucky Engineer Chas!

There was much gnashing of teeth and dark mutterings from our staff and guests,  plus envious stares at our Engineer, Chas a couple of weeks ago.   At Koh Tachai Pinnacle dive site, sometimes known as the “Dome of Dome” for its currents, we were all enjoying an amazing dive with Barracudas, and a sighting of a swimming Leopard Shark.

While we were all under the water diving, Chas decided to go for a little snorkel to cool off above us, when out of the blue a huge whale shark swam towards him with its mouth gaping open, and in Chas’s opinion looking ready to eat him, obviously he headed back to the boat pronto, whilst our captain and boat boys could also see the whale shark at the surface swimming round him.

The first we knew about it was when we returned to the boat to find a shaken Chas drinking a cup of sweet tea and the captain telling us what they had seen.  Kate then snorkeled for an hour, but no more sightings unfortunately, but we know he is out there somewhere!