Whale Watching!

Wow, we had some very lucky guests, staff and crew on our previous 4 day trip at the end of March.   On the 28th, we had our early morning wake up for our first dive of the day at the Surin Islands, when our Captain started calling us.  At the front of the boat, 2 whales were circling, we believe they were Brydes Whales as the dorsal fin was quite small and triangular in comparison to the body size,  they spend around 30 minutes just playing round the boat, whilst we all took pictures.   The photo below was taken by our Tour Leader,  Francesca Atkins.

Brydes Whale

Brydes Whales seen at Surin Islands

A few hours later, after the second dive, we were making our way from the Surin Islands when our Captain sounded the horn and called us forward, we had more whales at the front of the boat, this time we think there were 3 Brydes Whales, it could have been the same ones, but again what a wonderful experience as they came close to our boat and under the bow, you could see they were curious as to what we were.    Nice way to enjoy lunch with whales circling us.

We then had an amazing 3rd dive of the day at Richelieu Rock which can never disappoint, everyone was back on the boat, when in the distance, we could see what we first thought were dolphins jumping.  As they got closer we realized that it was a large pod of  Pilot whales, probably around 40 to 50, swimming with our boat, and getting closer and closer, in the end they were jumping at the front of the bow, and playing in the slip stream.  We were all cheering and taking photos, they stayed with the boat for nearly an hour, but we had to return back to Richelieu for our last dive of the day.  Many, many happy faces, although by this time I think we had all got a little sunburnt!   This photo was taken by Dan Berggren.

Pilot Whale photo taken by Dan Berggren

Taken after our dive at Richelieu Rock during the surface interval.