Back from Burma

We had 2 amazing trips so far to Myanmar, and have our next one for this season on the 30th of January.    Arriving at Ranong, we cross the border to Myanmar, all very civilised with the passport control coming to our boat to check, then set course for our first dives.

Local houses on stilts

The waters here are slightly cooler with an average temperature of 27 degrees, and we found an abundance of life.

For the macro lovers, we found froggies, some amazing nudibranches, lots of shrimps and pipefish.   At cocks comb along the wall we found tiger seahorses, whilst at Kalala we found a vast array of cowies, and cone shells hiding in the colourful corals.

Cowries found at Kalala, Myanmar

Black Rock was the furthest point north that we visited, covered in glassfish and corals, this site was amazing and full of life.  At Shark Cave there was an amazing swim though leading directly through the island and at Cock’s Combe you were able to enter via a tunnel into a quiet lagoon.  Most sites had some cool swim throughs for us to enjoy.

Lots of opportunity for dramatic swim throughs during our dive trip