Congratulations to our latest Dive Masters!

Well done to Erik and Anna, our latest dive master students who have successfully completed their course.   The course is carried out over a 3 month period with individual study time, lots of skill circuits and one to one time with their mentor Sam, practical experience with dive courses and guiding, and 2 seperate exams.  They both passed with flying colours and have been a pleasure to have at our centre.

Once this has been completed, they have one final challenge, the dreaded snorkel test.  Our quiz master Sam, organised the test for them, which comprises of being spun round on a chair blindfolded, making your way through an obstacle course with your buddy, 5 hard dive related questions, then the snorkel test….

Erik and Anna, our latest DiveMasters

Erik was in the lead, with the questions, but Anna soon caught him up, so the shots in their snorkels were about the same.

Anna on a mission

Erik was also racing to catch up with Anna!

Erik completing the first section of the test

Luckily before any more damage was done, both Erik and Anna successfully passed their snorkel test allowing us all to celebrate with them..

Well done to Erik and Anna