So long and thanks for all the fish…

Starting small with not much more than a crazy dream and a whole lot of passion Liquid Adventures began. Since 2002 you have given us your loyalty and passion and we have replied with great service fun and so many great dives! We built our business around you – and it’s been an amazing ride. Since then we have seen amazing things, made more friends than we are able to count and seen more smiles than any one should ever be lucky enough to experience. Without further ado…

We are very excited to announce that we are joining forces with Wicked Diving here in Khao Lak! Together we can offer the greatest selection of Similan Liveaboard options and courses in the region and make some of the best diving adventures available to more of our friends.

This exciting venture means we have plenty of news to share. We have retired our Liveaboard, the Vilai Samut (she is for sale!) so all our energy goes into the newer, larger Mariner. With more space and a larger displacement, we think she offers a better liveaboard option for you.

Even more thrilling – through Wicked Diving Indonesia are now able to offer trips to KomodoRaja Ampat and expeditions throughout the 18,000 islands that make up that country. This means many new options for all of you – our fans and friends.

We will also be migrating all our emails and communications directly to the team at Wicked Diving. This means that contacts through the website will go directly to them. And of course, the website will now go static – no more comments! But we do want to preserve your photos, videos and memories – so we will keep them up for as long as possible!

We are still in the same location, though you might see the new logo above the shop! We are expanding the shop, adding more comfy seating, media stations and and even more relaxing place to retreat from Khao Lak sun/rain. Oh yes…that offer for cool water, hot tea and a friendly chat when you pass by still stands!

Liquid Adventures and Wicked Diving

Liquid Adventures and Wicked Diving - a match made under the sea

We appreciate all the years of supports, the thousands of dives and all the love over the past years and we hope to see you under the sea…